careers for the eco-conscious

Seeking Mission positive employers

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Find those who want to help you make the world a better place.

 With several years of experience in recruiting the best talent in technology, marketing, and creative for some of the world’s biggest companies, we’ve decided to use our abilities for a greater purpose.

We know what it takes to build world-changing companies so we want to help you find the best talent there is out there, and bring them into your business. Uniquely positioned to appeal to those wanting to make a difference, we can reach individuals at the top of their fields, and help them understand why their involvement will be legacy making.

Build great teams, of mission-aligned superstars, and watch what happens…


What our candidates say


“Emma headhunted me to be part of a global vegan campaign, which turned out to be a fantastic initiative that I would otherwise have probably missed out on without her intervention.

I’ve also connected Emma with a couple of my consulting clients who were looking to transition jobs or careers and the feedback from them was excellent. Emma knows how to match the right person to the right job. I highly recommend her recruitment services.”


“Sincere, professional and an absolute joy to work with; Emma somehow managed to find me my actual dream job, and then helped me to navigate the entire process, from start to finish.

A completely different experience from any other recruitment consultant I’ve come across, and really fantastic work. Emma, I am forever grateful.”