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Emma Osborne

13 years in recruitment +
12 months around-the-world trip =
1 mission: use my skills to support businesses doing good in the world.



The long story

A self-proclaimed corporate hippie, Citizen Kind was born out of the trip I’d spent my life dreaming of. Armed with an around-the-world ticket, I visited all the places I’ve always wanted to, whilst indulging my passion for cooking and ingredients. I went to a balsamic farm in Italy, visited coffee villages in Colombia, spice and vanilla farms in Costa Rica, cacao farmers in Ecuador, and agave in Mexico.

I’d been plant-based before I’d left Singapore (and a lifelong vegetarian before that) but this trip allowed me to reconnect with nature and wildlife; and my teenage self - passionate about protecting animals. I did a lot of reading that year and was shocked to discover the hidden truths of the dairy and egg industry. In Costa Rica, I even milked a cow by hand, a cow who lived outside in the jungle and had a pretty great life; but the calf was right next to her, and whilst I was assured that they always left enough for the calf, the ridiculousness of us stealing another species milk, saw me swear off dairy for the remainder of my trip (and my life!), and embrace a vegan lifestyle.

This cow’s situation bears little resemblance to the life of a dairy cow used to give us the milk we find in supermarkets, but still underlined how wrong it is to exploit animals and how we have a duty to protect them.


I’d also learned how to scuba dive before I left SE Asia and was lucky enough to dive with sharks, turtles, eagle rays, octopus, and an abundance of fish in Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia. You could see where the coral was starting to bleach in places and where it had been damaged by boats and divers. Above the water, I’d seen dolphins, seals, sea lions and the best of all, majestic humpbacks and their babies. It upset me no end to see how the restaurants that hugged the coastline all offered up fish on their menus, seemingly oblivious to the globally diminishing fish stocks.

So I returned a vegan, a corporate activist and full of enthusiasm to marry my passion for healthy living in harmony with nature, with my work. Aware that working for someone else was unlikely to provide me with this, I decided to bring my old recruitment skills back with a new compassionate twist = spend my time connecting those wanting to live and work in accordance with their values, with employers who wanted to be successful, with a “not at any cost” attitude when considering the impact on environment, animal welfare or people’s health.

With over 13 years in recruitment and 6 years as the MD of a highly successful recruitment business in Asia, I have met some incredible individuals and encountered companies who exist with a genuine desire to do some good in the world. My mission is to unite these 2 groups and empower a new compassionate revolution. Vive la révolution Vegan!